About A.S.S & S.P. Sanstha

Adivasi Seva Sahayyak and Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha was conceived with the idea of making available facilities of quality higher education in the remote tribal area of Navapur Taluka in Nandurbar District. Navapur is taluka place surrounded by tribal padas (Village). It is inhabited by multilingual and multi-cultural population. It is a border town situated on the border of North Maharashtra and South Gujrath. It falls on Surat Bhusawal N.H. 06 and Surat-Jalgoan Railway line.

The Government has started various schemes for Adivasi people but due to their illiteracy, other people became the beneficiaries of it. Then some of the literate personalities and politician decided to break up the cage of poverty, illiteracy and superstitions. They realized the need of education. This reason crystallized itself in the establishment of Adivasi Seva Sahayyak Sanshta in 1974. In the very beginning the aim of this sansthas was to acquaint the people with various funds and plans of Government and it was continued up to 1980. Navapur is situated in the tribal region, the facility of higher education was not available in such place. The sanstha realized this problem and at first started Arts and Commerce College in 1981. The science faculty was started in same Santha in July 1990 and was affiliated to Govt. of Maharashtra and North Maharashtra University, Jalgoan. The sanstha also realized the need for starting professional courses like D.Ed, B.Ed and Career Oriented Courses in same campus. The sanstha has a campus of 17 acres.

Facility of Higher education was not available in this tribal region till 1980. More than 80 % tribal population in this region had been untouched by the facilities of higher education. Lack of education among majority of tribal resulted in ignorance and superstitions. Being poor they were forced to lead gypsy life migrating to industrial cities of Gujrath in search of jobs. They could not afford to send their children to cities for higher education. Realizing this need the educated Govt. Officers from tribal community, zealous tribal political leaders and generous merchant of Navapur came together and started Adivasi Seva Sahayyak and Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha’s Arts, Commerce College, from 15 july 1981 to make available the facilities of quality higher education to the poor SC, ST, OBC minority students of this region. The faculty of science was stared from 1990. This small plant of higher education rapidly began to grow in a tree. The Sanstha soon constructed its own college building on the spacious 17 acres of land donated by generous late Shri. Hansalalji Agrawal. Twenty roomed two storeyed spacious college building with all the infrastructure facilities soon began to make its name in the North Maharashtra University. Spacious building with its seminar hall, up-to-date science labs, spacious sports ground , rich library, highly qualified and well-experienced teaching faculty, active administrative staff and well disciplined students earned good name for the college in North Maharashtra University, Jalgoan. With the traditional courses college has been more enthusiastic in starting career oriented courses. College has been implementing many student oriented curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities with all the zeal. The medium of instruction for Arts faculty is Marathi and for science and commerce faculty it is English.

Branches run by Advashi Seva Sayyak and Shikshan Prasark Sanstha :
1. Arts, Commerce and Science College sanchalit , Junior College Navapur
2. Shri.Surupsingji Hirya Naik Education College Navapur
3. Shri Manubhai C. Diwan D.E.d College Navapur
4. Haji Musaji Kasam Mulla Gents Hostel Navapur
5. Smt. Dhanabai Naik Ladies Hostel Navapur
6. Granted Primary Asharamshala, Navagoan
7. Granted Madhymik Asharamshala, Navagoan
8. Granted Junior College, Navagoan
9. Granted Primary Asharamshala, Bhilmanjare
10. Granted Madhymik Asharamshala, Bhilmanjare
11. Granted Primary Asharamshala, Bhardu
12. Granted Madhymik Asharamshala, Bhardu
13. Granted Junior College, Bhardu
14. Granted Primary Asharamshala, Amalan
15. Granted Madhymik Asharamshala, Amalan
16. Granted Junior College, Amalan
17. Granted Primary Asharamshala, Bilbhara
18. Granted Madhymik Asharamshala, Bilbhara
19. Granted Junior College, Bilbhara
20. Granted Primary Asharamshala, Gadad
21. Madhymik Vidhyalaya Khadki
22. Madhymik Vidhyalaya Nagzari.