Shri. Dadasaheb Surupsing H. Naik


Adivasi Seva Sahayyak and Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha

Adivasi Seva sahayyak and Shikshan Prasark Sanstha , Navapur has firmly set itself as an ideal educational institution promoting and promulgating quality higher education and values of social and national interest in the remote, interior tribal area of Navapur Taluka in Nandurbar District. Starting maintaining and growing quality educational institution in this poor, socially, educationally backward tribal area was just like cultivating, preserving and growing a plant in the rock. The vision and continuous tireless, selfless efforts of motivated tribal political leaders and generous merchant class of Navapur set rolling the wheel of institution which has been spinning fast to the destination of social, economic upliftment of poor tribal community of the region. I , as the president of such envious institution , am firmly confident of the values that institution is infusing to evolve socially and nationally developed, dedicated and motivated students. I am deeply honoured by its service to the nation.